Our Students - Year 4 Room 8

Today we went over to Sloan’s Reserve to do some tree planting. We tree plant because trees give us air, food and habitat for animals. We had 2 groups, group 1 went with Mrs Peddie and Group 2 went with Mrs Villa. The nature officer showed us how to plant a tree. After that we took a walk into the bush to see evidence of animals near this area. It was a fun experience.



Room  8 and 9 recently had their Family Engagement afternoon, and what a wonderful afternoon it was. Thank you to all the parents who attended we had a fantastic time.

Our afternoon compromised of a fun icebreaker; who knew People Bingo was a great way to start chatting to our friends and catching up on life. Thank you to Ms Toni who supervised our beautiful year 4 students and their siblings while we analysed data as a Year 4 group.

Our next step was looking at PAT Reading and Comprehension. This showed our families that we all needed to work really hard on “inference.” This is a reading comprehension strategy that involves you making a judgment based on the information you are given. You are also required to interpret that information you are given. We then looked at an activity that we could easily use at home with some step by step instructions. After that, our group looked at Mathematics. After analysing PAT Mathematics testing for the Year 4 group, we easily identified some key focus areas that also required some extra support at home. These areas were multiplication and time. So here, we looked at some fun ways that we could play games that involved multiplication. We could use resources found around the home like paperclips and those pesky fidget spinners to help with this game of arrays to practice multiplication strategies.


To celebrate Harmony Week rooms 8 and 9 learnt about the adinkra, which is a printed or stamped traditional cloth that is made by the people of Ghana, a country in Africa.

The adinkra is covered in symbols which are images that represent something, such as an object or an idea. Traditionally people decorate the cloths to tell a story and to express their feelings.

We had to choose a symbol that has meaning to us to put in the middle of our design. We used black paint and a wide tooth comb to paint the border.

On Friday morning's our Year 4's from rooms 8 and 9 work together. During this time their learning focus is STEM. The student's work in pairs to solve problems using LEGO.