Our Students - Year 3 Room 5

Term 3 has been busy with many learning experiences and exciting oppourtunities. Students in Room 5 would like to share some of the events so far.

In Week 1 we celebrated the 100th Day of School on the 24th July, our Buddies from Room 18 came to visit and we worked together to count our collections of 100 items. We played a game of collecting 100 rocks and listened to a story about a centipede that needed shoes for his 100 feet! Mrs Schmidt and Ms Singh are part of the schools Math's Committee and wore special Llama shirts to celebrate. 

In Week 2 we participated in a partnership with the Kwinana Council in revegetating an area in our local community at Sloan's Reserve. Students from Rooms 5 and 18 planted trees and shrubs and then toured an area that had been previously revegetated by students at Orelia Primary School. We are so thankful for the many parent helpers that came along to help out on the day.


In Week 3 we celebrated HaSS Week and NAIDOC Week. Our AIEO, MARK with the senior YAC students organised for us to participate in a Noongar sport called 'Borna Jokee'. 'Borna Jokee' is a game that was played using blunted spears for target practice and hunting, but we played it as a running dodge ball game. 


Science Week was celebrated during Week 4 throughout the school and we were lucky to have Scitech visit us. This was a very interesting incursion about looking for clues like a scientist.

Week 5 was Book Week and this year's theme was 'Reading is my Secret Power'. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and in class we shared an oral presentation about our characters and why we chose them for Book Week.

In Week 6 we hosted our Assembly about 'How to make a Magic Potion to Catch a Witch'. We presented the story map we had created over the last few weeks during our writing lessons using the whole school approach of 'Talk for Write'. We included a spikey haired boy and a long haired girl into the story.


So much more is happening this term and we will keep sharing our journey. 

At the beginning of Term 2, Room 5 continued to learn about Australia and the various features and landforms it holds. Students had to get into groups and take notes on a variety of different landforms across our country. Once they got their key points, they had to then mark the landform on their Australian map. Take a look at the hardworking students in action: