Our Students - Fundamental Movement Skills

In F.M.S this term the children have all carried on practising  different locomotive skills, bringing in a few new moves like duck walking, and lame dog (which is walking with two hands on the floor and one leg. They always warm up with running, skipping, hopping, side galloping and other ways of travelling from one spot to another.

In Kindy the children have focused on following an obstacle course, with lots of climbing and balancing. They have had exposure to many types of balls for throwing and catching and kicking.

In Pre Primary the children have focused on balance and underarm throws to a target, we have been talking about how physical activity keeps you healthy.

In Year 1 the children have been practising pencil rolls. They have been running around obstacles trying to change direction whilst maintaining pace with some weight transfer from one side of the body to the other. The children have been focusing on basketball dribbling and lots of other fun physical activities.

In Year 2 the children have been practising forward rolls. They have been focusing on striking a ball with a bat and playing small games where they can incorporate their running, throwing, catching and striking skills.