Our Students - Fundamental Movement Skills

In FMS  the children are building up their upper body strength by holding a hand stand position against the fence. They are building up their core or postural strength by holding the superman position and on their backs, a curled position that we call the bean. The children are working on their bilateral integration and crossing the mid line by touching their toes with the opposite arm in a star position and by performing scissor jumps. 

The children are working on safely performing a forward roll. The must make sure their chin is tucked onto their chest and they roll onto the back of their head and shoulders.The children are enjoying racing against each other through the poles whilst changing direction and maintaining pace and balance.The children perform many different animal walks. This week we did a scorpion which is two hands and one leg on the ground and travel, we also did a caterpillar which is two hands and feet, but only the feet move or the hands move at any time to travel.

In FMS this term the children have all carried on practising  different locomotive skills, bringing in a few new moves like duck walking, and lame dog (which is walking with two hands on the floor and one leg). They always warm up with running, skipping, hopping, side galloping and other ways of travelling from one spot to another.