Our Students - Year 5 Room 9

This term, Room 9 has been investigating robots and robotic programming.

 We have been using the iPad and the following apps for the programming.


Scratch Jr

With Scratch Jr, young children (ages 5-7) can program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer.

Cargo Bot

Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game where you teach a robot how to move crates. Sounds simple, right?

It features 36 fiendishly clever puzzles, haunting music and stunning retina graphics. You can even record your solutions and share them on YouTube to show your friends.

Flow Free

Connect matching colours with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colours, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!

Sphero Macrolab

Designed for learner progression, Sphero Edu beginners can give robots commands by drawing a path in the app for their robot to follow. Intermediate coders can use code blocks to learn more advanced logic, while pros can use text programming and write their own JavaScript.

SPRK Lightning Lab

Room 9 had its last Literacy Buddies activity on the 15th November. Room 9 went to meet and see where our buddies worked in the city. The students were very excited when they arrived on the 3rd and 4th floor at the Macquarie Bank on St Georges Terrace.

We were given a tour of the banking operations, had a paired activity (truth or lie), shared and exchanged handprint pictures, before sharing recess and heading back to school.

A great year for both buddies – young and old.


I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students.

I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students have duties to their teachers.

I believe that it is my responsibility as a teacher to provide students with the following:

  • an environment conducive to learning,
  • knowledge that will help them be successful in achieving their life goals,
  • materials, opportunities, and feedback that will help them learn, and
  • help in becoming and remaining motivated to be successful both in their studies, and in applying their knowledge to solve problems in their lives.

I also believe that my students have a responsibility to me, to their fellow students, and to themselves.

I believe that these responsibilities support me in fulfilling my duties to the students.

I believe that it is the students' responsibility to be supportive of the teacher and fellow students by being:

  • tolerant of different points of view,
  • prepared for class,
  • willing to work hard to complete activities,
  • willing to bring their life experiences into the class to enrich discussions