Our Students - Year 4 Room 9

To celebrate Harmony Week rooms 8 and 9 learnt about the adinkra, which is a printed or stamped traditional cloth that is made by the people of Ghana, a country in Africa.

The adinkra is covered in symbols which are images that represent something, such as an object or an idea. Traditionally people decorate the cloths to tell a stroy and to express their thoughts.

We had to choose a symbol that has meaning to us to put in he middle of our design. We used black paint and a wide tooth comb to paint the border.



In Room 9, during Maths, we have been learning about different types of graphs. So far we have studied picture graphs, pie graphs and bar graphs. We are able to read and understand information on a variety of graphs. We have had fun surveying our classmates to gather data. We then used this data to create our own graphs.