Our Students - Year 4 Room 7

 Room 7 Art Term 3

As a part of the We Are Ten Project during Term 3, Room 7 has focused on things that are important to them as a ten year old. The We Are Ten Project was developed by the Commissioner for Young People to celebrate the position being ten years old.

Students were asked to write in less than 25 words what is important to them as a ten year old. As a class we brainstormed many different things and the students then chose how they wanted to present the information. Many chose to write short sentences however some were creative and attempted poetry.

Students then planned and presented artwork to go with their writing. As a class we looked at different components of what makes our lives important, including, important person and place, favourite food and the most important thing to them.

We experimented with a few different mediums including, pencil, crayon, collage and paint. We also had a focus on perspective including face proportions, birds-eye view and landscape perspectives.



My philosophy of teaching is best described as a philosophy of learning. Our classroom is a place where the students feel a sense of ownership, feel respected and cared valued.  I aim to make it possible for all students to reach their potential, ask questions, give and receive feedback and to always try their best. I have high expectations for all students, believe that we can all make a difference if we work together. A sense of responsibility is given to all students to ensure they develop physically, academcally, emotionally and socially.