Our Students - Year 4/5 Room 7

Year 9 students from Gilmore College are coming to Room 7 on three different occasions during Term 4. We are building buddy relationships with these students to assist with transition to high school. When our Year 5 students are starting high school at Gilmore College their buddy students will be in Year 11 and will be a welcome face for them. They will also be there as the leaders of the school when our Year 4's enter Gilmore College in 2021.

We enjoyed reading to our older buddies, playing maths games and chatting in general. It was interesting to hear about how the high school lessons are run. We thought it was pretty hard that they have to carry all of their things with them all day and change classes every hour. We are looking forward to their next visit.





We have started the year with a bang!! Ms Barton has sorted all of our groups and we have been able to complete a Guided Reading session with Reader’s Theatre. We are all reading at different levels and are enjoying listening to each other read out loud. Some people are using excellent expression and tone already.

We are also writing a narrative to get our creative minds thinking. Most of us love writing stories.

Learning about rules and laws has been very important for the start of the year. Our class rules were made by us and we all make sure to do the right thing. The year 5’s are learning all about the different types of laws in society. There may be a lawyer or two in the group.