Our Students - Kindergarten

In week 4 of this term the Kindy students had an incursion with Karli and Kim from Bunnings Rockingham. The students made toolboxes during the workshop and they learnt to use tools and some woodworking skills.

Doing woodwork helps develop many skills, for example: hand-eye coordination, fine motor strength, confidence, cooperation, turn taking and communication. The students also explored maths concepts of shape, size and measurement.

Thank you to Karli and Kim - We had a wonderful time and also thank you to Bunnings Rockingham. 



 Mrs Barrett registered our school with WA Potatoes to receive seed potatoes that Kindy student's could grow in the Kitchen Garden.

Kindy students from both classes were given the oppourtunity to plant potatoes and over the term watch them grow. When the green leaves died they knew that the potatoes were ready to harvest. Student's dug the potatoes out carefully, took them back to class and scrubbed the dirt off them. Mashed potato was made during class and every student got to taste the delicious mash that they created from the potatoes they grew!



The P&C have donated a lovely raised garden bed to the Kindergarten. Some very generous parents donated seeds, seedlings, watering cans and fertilizer. On Friday Mrs Barrett her husband, and parents Glenda and Nadine assembled and prepared the garden for the children.

On Monday, Kindy A group planted the vegetables with Mrs Barrett and Mrs Williams. Glenda returned on Tuesday and spent the day beautifying the central garden with a multitude of plants from her own garden and helped the children from Kindy B group plant seeds and some more vegetables and herbs. The children are enjoying watering the the garden every day and are looking forward to havesting some delicious vegetables.