Our Students - Science

This term our school was once again fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the Kwinana Schools Planting Program. Over a 2 week period 9 classes will venture to Sloans Reserve to plant around 1000 trees to help regenerate the reserve and improve the habitat for local wildlife such as Bandicoots and Quendas. They also get the chance to check on the progress of the trees they have planted in previous years. Orelia PS has been participating in this program for several years now, and its an amazing opportunity for our students to give back to their community.  

On Monday 17th June all students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participated in our annual Oral Language Festival. Each year students have a topic in which they are required to talk about to their peers. This year oral presentations were focused on what students have been learning about in science this term. On the day students were placed in multi-aged groups to present their speeches. They all did an amazing job and I'm sure they taught their peers and teachers a thing or two about things such as magnetic forces, how to build an electric circuit, how sound is produced by vibrations, heat transfer, light, movement, and forces.


We have had an amzing start to the year. All students from Pre-Primary to year 6 have been working hard and learning all sorts of wonderful things. We have also been learning about different kinds of scientists, how important science is and the role it plays in our daily lives. 


The Eco-Warriors are doing a wonderful job running our school recycling program as well as collecting our fruit and vegie scraps to feed our worms or to put in our compost bins.