Our Students - Physical Education

Students in Year 5-6 have been developing their basketball skills. Here they are participating in a full court game.


 Physical Education

The Physical Education and Sporting program at Orelia Primary School aims to encourage every child to be actively involved and educated through fun and engaging movement activities. Knowledge and skills in this area are developed through play, games, movement awareness and ball handling. Participation in team sport allows students to gain a sense of co-operation, team work, leadership, fair play and assists with the development of friendships and fosters an appreciation of what it is to be a ‘good sport’.

During these activities the emphasis is on skill acquisition and development, participation for all, the development of healthy attitudes and an enjoyment of physical activity. Each child is encouraged to ‘have a go’ and try their best. Students are encouraged to pursue fitness goals that are sustainable and meaningful to them both at school and at home and aim to make improvements each week. During Physical Education lessons students are encouraged to focus on improving their own fitness and personal best scores and times.

Each child at Orelia Primary School participates in Physical Education for one hour per week with a specialist teacher. In Year 4-6 students also participate in an hour of Senior Sport every Friday.

In the early years, Pre Primary to Year 2, students are involved in learning and developing their Fundamental Movement Skills (e.g. running, hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, throwing, catching, dodging, kicking, and striking) in both skill development sessions and modified games. Over their primary school years our students will develop these skills and then put them into practice firstly in modified games and team sports and then through Intraschool and Interschool Sport.

All students from Pre Primary to Year 6 also participate in swimming lessons conducted by the Education Department at the Kwinana Recquatic Centre. These lessons comprise 10 free lessons each year where students can enroll in Stages 1 – 16.

Through the PE program our students experience a wide variety of incursions run by various Sporting Associations. The following are examples of some incursions our students have previously been involved in  – Hockey, Football, Soccer, Netball, Cricket, and Athletics Clinics.  


Participation in Intraschool Sport Programs from Year 4-6 every Friday;

  • Term 1 – Cricket, Tennis, Tee Ball
  • Term 2 – Football, Soccer, Netball, Hockey, Cross Country Running
  • Term 3 – Athletics
  • Term 4 – Cricket, Tee Ball, Sofcrosse,

Participation in Interschool Sport for students in Year 4-6 which allows some of our students the opportunity to compete at a higher level;

  • Term 1 – Cricket, Swimming
  • Term 2 – Football, Soccer, Netball and Hockey
  • Term 3 – Cross Country Running (Year 3-6)
  • Term 4 – Athletics