Our Students - Year PP Room 18

In Term 4, Room 18 has been learning about Australian animals. We have read many Australian books that have taught us about Australian animal characteristics and their habitats. As a class we created an Australian habitat display, full of assorted Australian animals. We read ‘Tiddalick: the frog who caused a flood’ and created a piece of artwork using man-made and natural materials. We also read the story ‘Wombat Stew’ and wrote a procedure on how to make the yummy, chewy stew. We have had great Term learning about the magnificent animals from down under.

 In Room 18, we have been travelling the world to learn about different countries and cultures. Room 18 loved seeing all Mrs Schmidt’s exciting photos from her Honeymoon and wanted to experience travelling for themselves. Every Friday, we travel to a new country and have our passports stamped, ready to start our new adventure. In each country, we learn about their celebrations and traditions. In Australia, we learnt about Aboriginal dance and dot painting. In China, we learnt about Chinese New Year and why it is celebrated. In Africa, we learnt about African traditional clothes and the animals that live there. This travel theme is linked to our History component in Pre-Primary, however, it has also been incorporated throughout our learning in Room 18. In mathematics, we made three step pattern hot air balloons and used our measurement skills to build the Great Wall of China out of construction blocks. During writing, we wrote descriptions about what Giraffes look like and wrote a list of items we would need to pack when travelling.  With two weeks left of school, we still have plenty more travelling to do.

From Mrs Schmidt


Teacher's Philosophy

My philosophy to teaching is a holistic, student centred approach where the children are actively engaging within learning experiences, in a safe environment. I strive for my students to become self-motivated learners who see the task as useful and relevant for their future learning. I aim for my students to feel enthusiastic, confident and valued when contributing their own ideas and questions. Students’ individuality should always be valued and catered for to best suit their learning needs for them to reach their full potential. By understanding how my students learn, I vary my learning styles and tools to differentiate to their needs. These include collaborative work, specific goals for individual learners and additional tools and resources directed specifically toward those students who need further assistance. I also aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that is engaging and provides opportunity for intrinsic motivation, self-discovery, creativity and interests. This is cultivated through access to books, literacy and numeracy resources, posters and displays of students’ work. Lastly, I aim to build positive relationship with students, parents and colleagues to reach a common goal for student’s learning.