Our Students - Year PP Room 18


To celebrate all our hard work in Term 2, Room 18 has a Pyjama Party on the last day of school. We were able to come to school in our Pyjamas and bring our favourite soft toy. Throughout the day, we collected information about our teddies such as what they feel like, measuring their length and comparing the weight of each teddy. We also made party hats using various craft and textured materials. At lunchtime, we made a long banquet table in the classroom and enjoyed a lovely spread of food. It was such a lovely day to get us prepared for the holidays.
Mrs Skye Schmidt



In Room 18, we have been looking at the various ways to represent a number. This week's number was the number 5. I wanted my students to recognize that the symbol for "5" is a quantity, and that they can use a variety of models to represent that quantity.  Some ideas the students thought of include collections of bears, tally marks, dots in a ten frame, 5 fingers on a hand, dots on a domino and/or dice and unifix cubes.  We completed many hands on activities using these models. Not only did these sequence of lessons provide my students with a variety of ways to represent a number but gave them the opportunity to further develop their 1:1 counting skills.