Our Students - Year PP/Yr 1 Room 18

In Term 3, Room 18 have been focusing on different types of measurement. When focusing on length and height we learnt that we can meaure how long and tall things are and how far apart they are. Within our classroom we meaured how tall each child was with streamers and ordered them from shortest to tallest. When measuring length we made direct comparisons with playdough and toy animals and we used unifix blocks and counters to measure how long an object was.

On Friday, the 2nd of August rooms 5 and 18 were invited by the City of Kwinana to help regenerate Sloan's Reserve. This was a fantastic oppourtunity for the children to learn about the importance of our local eco-system and to participate in an engaging community program. We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Singleton for oganising this wonderful excursion.

100 Days of School is a day to celebrate the various mathematical concepts that can be taught using the number 100. From the very first day of school, Room 18 began keeping track of the number of days we have been at school in anticipation of the 100th day. On the 24th July each child brought in a collection of 100 items from home to share with the class. They also made biscuits with lollies shaped into 100 and went on a scavenger hunt in the playground to find 100 rocks. 

On the 30th of April, Room 18 was lucky enough to take part in a ‘Footy clinic’ ran by Auskick. Auskick is a program that teaches young children the basic skills of Australian rules football. Our class learnt how to pass and kick a football by using many techniques such as “laces to faces”. It was a wonderful experience and the students cannot wait to practice at home.


In Room 18 we have begun our 'Talk for Writing' Journal. Talk for Writing is an engaging teaching framework that enables children to imitate orally then create their own version. As this was my first unit of work using the Talk for Writing program, I was so impressed by how the children were able to retell the story with for more detail and their level of engagement. Room 18 cannot wait to learn a new story to retell next term.