Our Students - Year 1 Room 14

Last week, the Year 1 students went on an excursion to Cohunu Koala Park in Byford. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were extremely thankful to have an impressive 10 parents helpers accompany us on our trip. This excursion enabled the students to get up and close with some of Australia’s most well-known animals, as well as some of our more cute and cuddly domesticated animals. The students have been working on ‘report writing’ with a focus on emus. At the park, we were able to show off our vast knowledge about emus and ask a few questions that we still needed answers about. The expert/ zookeeper, Julia, was very impressed about how much our students already knew and their level of questioning. Being springtime, we were also treated to a visit special viewing and information session about the baby koalas. They were absolutely adorable and our students wanted to stay there and spend more time with them. As it was time to leave, we were congratulated by the staff at Cohunu Koala Park, who were very grateful and amazed how well-behaved our students were.

Wow! Eighty five days of school and Room 14 practising their place value with the number 85.

Room 14 students learnt about 'Friends of Ten' using number bonds that equal ten. We used Ed Young's book 'Seven Blind Mice' with this activity.


During a cross-curricular lesson of HaSS and Literacy we learnt about cultural celebrations. We incorporated a shape poem into our activity that focused on using nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Room 14 has been working hard during our Maths sessions. Here we were learning about time - and the days of the week. We made these wonderful Elephants to sequence the days of the week.