Our Students - Year 1 Room 13


The Year 1 students went on an excursion to Cohunu Koala Park in Byford. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were extremely thankful to have an impressive 10 parents helpers accompany us on our trip. This excursion enabled the students to get up and close with some of Australia’s most well-known animals, as well as some of our more cute and cuddly domesticated animals. The students have been working on ‘report writing’ with a focus on emus. At the park, we were able to show off our vast knowledge about emus and ask a few questions that we still needed answers about. The expert/ zookeeper, Julia, was very impressed about how much our students already knew and their level of questioning. Being springtime, we were also treated to a visit special viewing and information session about the baby koalas. They were absolutely adorable and our students wanted to stay there and spend more time with them. As it was time to leave, we were congratulated by the staff at Cohunu Koala Park, who were very grateful and amazed how well-behaved our students were.



The Best Part of Me

This cross-curricular health and writing activity sparked lots of discussions in the year 1's this term. Students were asked to think about what is their best quality and why. Once students had their idea, they were able to write it down alongside their photo to hang up in the classroom. Not only was this a perfect 'get to know you activity', it focused on building positive self-esteem and confidence within the children.


 Art Sculptures

In 'Visual Arts' students have been learning about the Primary and Secondary colours over the last few weeks. These sculptures are examples of the childrens final assessment pieces. Students have glued 3 pieces of coloured card of each of the primary colours. Then they have linked these colours with a secondary colour. The linking is the product of the 2 primary colours when mixed together.

Talk for Writing -  We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This term, Room 13 students have been participating in the 'Talk for Writing' program that focuses highly on oral language skills. We have been studying the text - 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. In design and Technology, students were taken outside to the Adventure Playground and given the task of designing and creating their very own 'Bear Cave!' This activity was a great success and the children enjoyed having hands on learning which related to their in class writing.