Our Students - Year 6 Room 12

On the 14th of May we had two ladies from Foodbank WA come to our school. They did a program with a few classes called Food Sensations. First, they got the class to sit down and talk about healthy and unhealthy foods. We talked about the different food groups and how often we should have them everyday. The ladies, (named Claire and Carla) also spoke about the difference between takeaway foods and homemade foods. After that session, we went into the breakfast club kitchen and started cooking. We were in 6 groups and each group made their own dish. Everything we cooked was healthy and the recipes we had were from Foodbank WA. Each ingredient was provided and there were adults who supervised the children when cutting or chopping some things. After we finished cooking, we all helped each other wash the dishes and dry them. We all waited for each other so that we could enjoy the lovely dishes we made. The ladies made us line up and get the food group by group. In the end the experience was super fun and enjoyable.

By Summer


Room 12 began reading the novel 'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio in February 2019 as part of our literacy program. In my opinion this book is amazing. It is super inspirational and some of the younger audiences can relate to it. Palacio (the author) has written a wonderful masterpiece. This book teaches you to do kind, good things. I love this book and it is definitely one of my favourite books.

By Summer


As part of Room 12's Materials and Technology program, students were asked to design and construct an incline plane. Students could use anything in the classroom to make their construction but they had to work together in a small group to design and modify their construction using a range of techniques and materials. The aim was to drop a marble at the top and see how far the marble could travel! 

Chase was our official judge and he concluded that Bodie and Tyler were the Room 12 champions with their marble travelling 22 meters!