Our Students - Year 5/6 Room 11

Tree Planting at Sloan's Reserve


 'Cookling with Levon'

On Tuesdays, Year 6 students do cooking with Levon in the canteen. We make food for the teachers to buy, and some students get to eat it too! This week we made Thai chicken curry with noodles and eggplant parmigiana with fresh bread rolls. First we wash our hands and put on gloves and a hair net, then we get shown the healthy recipes. We collect the ingredients from the fridge and we start preparing them. Levon shows us how to prepare all of the recipes. They are later served up and delivered to the hungry teachers. It was really enjoyable learning how to make delicious healthy food. Thank you to Levon and Noella for taking the time to run this amazing program for us.  

Will and Kymmy Room 11



In Geography, the year 5's are learning the names of the major countries in North and South America and the year 6's are learning the names of the major countries in Asia. Next, we will be looking at the capital cities and surrounding oceans and seas. We have also been studying a country in more detail, such as the population, weather, flag, and native animals of that country, which we will be presenting to the class in the next few weeks. 

For Design Technologies we are examining the purpose of different simple machines. Simple machines are simple, have a single use, and are used to make our lives easier. In this session we looked at how inclined planes are used to move heavy loads up and down. We then designed an incline place and then turned it into a marble race. The creativity and problem solving skills used were excellent!