Our Students - Year 5/6 Room 10

Students have been researching their history projects on the ipads. Once they have collated their information, they are able to present their topics to the class using an app called Keynote.


 Teacher's Philosophy

I am a friendly, professional, and proactive teacher who enjoys teaching and working collaboratively. My approachable nature and excellent communication skills allows me to build positive relationships with staff, students. Successful teaching and learning begins with an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher who can pass this intrinsic motivation onto students, encouraging them to achieve higher outcomes and have high expectations. I believe that all students are unique and require a differentiated and inclusive curriculum to achieve their potential. I appreciate and understand that students respond to many different learning styles and offer a variety of these when teaching to engage each child providing equal opportunities. I feel it is imperative to provide a safe and positive learning environment for students, establishing classroom norms and routines so that students are familiar and comfortable with the rules and expectations of the classroom allowing them to be successful. The routines I set up in my class are well rehearsed and visually displayed, providing clarity and stability so that students are able to focus on their learning.