Our Students - Year 3 Room 6

Room 6 have been learning about the Earth this term.  We discussed space ie moon landing and all about the moon. We also learned about the planets that surround us in the Milky way. Then we learned about all living things on earth and spoke about the War on Waste and sustainability. The students came up with ideas on how we can make the Earth a better place to live in and some of the ways included, recycling, gardening and being kind to one another. 

Part our  health project for this term and next is to grow a vegetable garden. We started with weeding a few weeks ago and have planted lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber seedlings on our patch with the help of our gardener Ms Ange . The students will be monitoring growth patterns as well as see to the upkeep of the garden. Room 6 would like to invite anyone who is keen to come down and help us. We are hoping to make some lovely food before the end of term 4 with all that lovely produce (Fingers crossed). 


 In Room 6 we love playing mathematical games in the morning. We get to practice strategies we have learnt in class and have fun at the same time.