Our Students - Year 2 Room 2

The children in Year 2, Rooms 1 and 2 went to King's Park on Friday, the 23rd of August.  They listened to a story called ‘Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot’  by Alton Walley, of a young Nyoongar boy who leaves his mother and aunties for the first time to join his father as they hunt with the other Nyoongar maam (men) of the Whadjuk region. 

The students had the opportunity to handle Aboriginal tools, practise bandaging with plant materials, play a game traditionally used to develop spear throwing skills and draw a story map using Aboriginal symbols. 

They then had lunch and had the opportunity to explore King's Park. Despite the cold weather, all the children and parent volunteers had an amazing experience.

Buddy Activity Room 2 and 10

On Monday the 20th May the year 5’s in Room 10 went to our buddies’ lesson in Room 2. When we arrived at buddies we found out that we would be would be working on a graphic novel based around the book ‘Dogman’.

The year 5 students assisted the year 2 students with the writing as they discussed it collaboratively. The ideas were taken and turned into text while the year 2 students worked on the illustrations. We then worked as a team to begin colouring the graphic novel.

We were making the ‘Dogman’ graphic novels for a competition for Scholastic Australia. There are 10 prizes for the competition and each prize is a $100 voucher for Scholastic Book Club. The prize money will be split evenly between the 2 – 3 people in each group.

We all really enjoyed working on the graphic novels and working with our buddies.

Samantha and Rocette 



Design and Technology

Students were asked to plan, design and create a raft model to keep the Gingerbread man safe from the terrifying Fox. 

They had to create their raft using materials that are waterproof and that will prevent the Gingerbread man from getting disintegrated. 

They were all very excited to test their hard work in a pool of water last Friday. 

Mutt Dog - by Stephen Micheal King

After listening to the 'Mutt Dog' story Room 2 students discussed the two settings in the book. The children looked at the colour, background and detail in the text and then in their own drawings.

Room 2 participated in a variety of activities during Harmony Week. The children designed a Harmony Day page for the March calendar. They dressed up in their cultural clothes and brought in a variety of food to share. The children all loved the henna tattoos that were done on their hands.