Our Students - Year 2 Room 2

Room 2 Activities

In Room 2, we have lots of different activities to keep the children on task all day. We start our Mathematics lesson with warm up activities or quick games like Make 10 or Double the Number. We have Reader’s Theatre at the end of a two week cycle with our reading books. Reader’s Theatre enhances students’ reading skills, fluency and confidence by having them practise reading with a purpose. We also take a break and have Laughter Yoga so that they children feel refreshed and ready to go on to their next activity fully refreshed.

Mrs I. Singh


Teacher's Philosophy

As a classroom teacher of Room 2, Year 2, I have high expectations of all my students in terms of both their standard of learning and their behaviour. I provide a safe and orderly environment for my students to progress well and my discipline is firm but fair. I teach by example and model to my students what is expected of them. All the students in my room are tested and put in relevant ability groups. This ensures every child is given an opportunity to achieve success at their own level. I also emphasise self-discipline, hard work and for each and every student to do their personal best. This will in turn help students to be best placed to succeed in life.