Our Students - Year 2/3 Room 1

What an exciting term for Room 1. We finished our assembly item and it was fantastic. The students enjoyed learning all the words and I believe they feel as if they are part of the Orelian Family, a very proud moment for all these young students in Room 1. They understand that hard work pays off. Some of our parents joined us afterwards to enjoy some morning tea.


As part of our history unit and visual arts we used various techniques and textures to create a past look of a friendly letter. We used tea bags, some paint brushes and lots of patience waiting for them to dry, but Ms Lynch and Mrs Peddie had to help with the burning of the edges.




Room one has worked on why we are stars, as we all believe we have special qualities that make us all unique and important for our classroom. This activity also helped us with learning about lines, shapes and patterns. We had to work as whole class to piece it all together to create one big poster in our classroom.

Some quotes from room 1:

I am a star because I play nice
I am a star because I am nice
I am a star because I like my work
I am a star because I am silly
I am a star because I follow the school rules