Our Students - Year 2 Room 1

 Why am I a striving to be a teacher is something we all ask ourselves over the course of our study and working careers? The sleepless nights, the stressful deadlines of assessments and those classroom days of endless preparation.

To me, it is the love of the students and the value I place on education. The thought that I could make their day a day that was worth coming to school, a day they felt safe, a day they learnt something  and a day they remembered is what a teacher is. Not a person who dictates from the front of the classroom but someone who creates a rich environment with an abundance of learning experiences where they engage with each other and bring their experiences into the classroom and feel safe to do so. I am not just the facilitator but also the person who guides them in their learning experiences they create collaboratively with each other. 

What is the first thing I aim for, well  that is to understand how my students learn and acknowledge that each student learns differently. I have over the duration of my teaching journey used a combination of teaching styles to maximise student learning outcomes. I have embraced direct instruction or explicit teaching moments, opportunities for collaborative learning environments, enquiry based learning and have come to understand there are multiple intelligences. Looking at students and how they learn best is taking the time to investigate the Constructivist Theory which states that learning for children is an active process,  where they create meaning from been exposed to different learning experiences. So this is then understood as students learn when they are given opportunities by teachers to make sense of what they are learning on their own through teacher guidance.  

I need to take into consideration what Dr. Howard Gardner 1983 proposed about multiple intelligences. He proposed that there were 8 intelligences which is what makes us understand that we all learn differently and this needs to be incorporated in our teaching instruction. Allowing students to be instructed in different ways is a key to my teaching philosophy. The use of digital technologies like the interactive whiteboard to have spatial and visual cue's to introduce a topic. Opportunities on the mat to discuss what is been learnt and have the opportunities to use their linguist knowledge of prior and current experiences to add to the topic with each other in a think pair share environment (Kagan Theory). Moments where they can have collaborative learning opportunities so they can build on the learning experiences from each other and use intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Numeracy and Literacy centres are great opportunities for these learning experiences where teacher guidance is imperative. 

In conclusion I believe it is imperative that I understand that although I might be the educator and facilitator of a learning environment that I too am the learner. Forever learning from my students for my students. I am a collaborative colleague and professional wherever I might be. That I am to provide the most effective, nurturing and creative learning environment for my students that I possibly can to keep them engaged, focused and safe.