Our Students - Year 5 Room 10


Buddy Activity Room 2 and 10

On Monday the 20th May the year 5’s in Room 10 went to our buddies’ lesson in Room 2. When we arrived at buddies we found out that we would be would be working on a graphic novel based around the book ‘Dogman’.

The year 5 students assisted the year 2 students with the writing as they discussed it collaboratively. The ideas were taken and turned into text while the year 2 students worked on the illustrations. We then worked as a team to begin colouring the graphic novel.

We were making the ‘Dogman’ graphic novels for a competition for Scholastic Australia. There are 10 prizes for the competition and each prize is a $100 voucher for Scholastic Book Club. The prize money will be split evenly between the 2 – 3 people in each group.

We all really enjoyed working on the graphic novels and working with our buddies.

Samantha  and Rocette 


We have started the year hitting the ground running. This is evident in some of the work that is coming out of our room.

In reading, we are having a shared reading experience reading the book Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. This book is all about a year 5 boy who is a little bit different from everyone else. We are learning to make inferences, creating images and making connections with the text. We have had some lovely days sitting in the Peace Garden and listening to each other read the text out loud.


For Harmony Week, we all took part in the Art Competition as a part of our class art lessons. There was some amazing work produced and a few of us won prizes.

We have begun Talk for Writing which is new to everyone at Orelia Primary School. The text we have chosen is an information text about Rainbow Dragons. It was a fun lesson when we developed the story map.